Huayruro Bloom

Huayruro, which scientific name is "ORMOSIA", is a tree that belongs to the family of “fabaceae”; it measures at least 40 meters high. Its wood is commercially used for construction and carpentry. Its seeds are also named “huayruros”; they are shinyof red color (female), or red with a black spot (male).
The seed is a symbol of the origin from which all living beings are derived: plants, animals and humans. It is a symbol of fertility and abundance. Huayruro has many species that are mainly found in the tropical forest of the Amazon, extending to Central America and southern Mexico. Its name differs from country to country. Thus the seed of huayruro is also called: bean of the luck, tintoria (Brazil), cairuro (Colombia), huayro, huayruro, (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador), etc.

In several regions of the Andes, huayruro is used in religious ceremonies and the seed is a symbol of good luck. It is used as an amulet to attract good luck and to protect against negative energies.

I decided to work with huayruro because they are magical, are beautiful, I believe in them and are ours. Enjoy the magic of the Andes, enjoy my "huayruro bloom"!!!!